Roberto Merotto

Roberto Merotto was born in Pieve di Soligo (TV) in May 1968. In 1994 he obtained the license sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Venice.

Since 1995 he is a teacher of plastic arts at several art schools and organizes courses and internships sculpture for fans of this art.

The love for sculpture led him to experiment with different materials such as clay, iron, bronze, stone and his beloved wood.

Some of his monumental works can be admired in Irdning (A) at the Sport Center, in Trebic (CZ), in Rajhradice (CZ) in the park of the SIAD industries, to Kormend (H) in the park of the city castle, in Toyama (J) at the Kinder Garden, in Santo Stefano di Cadore (BL) in square 11 September 2001.

Over the years he participated in numerous international symposia of sculpture and his works are exposed in Italy and abroad obtaining broad consensus.

Roberto Merotto

In August 2015 he represented Italy at the Quadrennial of Inami sculpture in Japan.

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